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About Us

Cheap online Extinguishers

Extinguishers.com.au has been designed by Unique Media and operated by Adrian Bartlett, Director of Sydney Extinguishers Pty Ltd.

Adrian Bartlett has over 15+ years of experience in the Fire Industry and a Certificate IV in Fire Technology so you can rest assure he will steer you in the right direction when its comes time to making a purchase.

Sydney Extinguishers Pty Ltd maintains over 700 sites in Sydney and thought it was time to give the online market a crack. We know that people across Australia are feed up with paying too much for their fire maintenance so we designed this website to give everyone a fair go.

Adrian’s dedication to the fire industry, his employees and his family (as pictured) will ensure you get looked after no matter what day of the week it is.

Please feel free to call Adrian directly on his Mobile anytime on 0402 560 232
or email him directly on; adrian@sydneyextinguishers.com.au

Extinguishers.com.au is an online fire extinguishers store which prides itself on having top quality products and the lowest prices guaranteed. All of our orders are shipped within 24hrs of purchase.

We ship directly from the factory to your home or workplace. Why not give extinguishers.com.au a go today and  join the list of happy customers we have across Australia.

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