Fire Extinguishers in Perth

From bushfires through to accidents in the workplace, Perth is a hotspot for flammable incidents. Fortunately, we stock a range of fire extinguishers in Perth to tackle various fire types. Whether you’re a new business owner or a landlord protecting their tenants, our array of products is ideal for you.

Why come to us for your Perth fire extinguishers?

We have a firm commitment to meeting high expectations. As such, our Perth fire extinguishers will always:

  1. Meet Australian legal requirements
  2. Come with free and fast shipping for your convenience
  3. Have low prices, without compromising quality
  4. Will feature the relevant tagging and stamping, so you can pass safety inspections

Whether you work in the public sector or you own a private organisation, meeting your fire standards is a legal requirement. We’re Bronze Members of the Fire Protection Association of Australia. When you purchase your Perth fire extinguisher from us, you know you’re receiving a high-quality product.

Our fire extinguisher types

Whether you own a steel factory or a restaurant, we have a fire extinguisher to suit you. Our products include:

  1. Fire hose reels; To tackle fires directly with water
  2. Fire blankets; For extinguishing human torches, pots and kitchen fires
  3. Powder ABE; Specialist fire extinguishers for wood, paper, plastics, electrical fires and some metal environments
  4. Carbon dioxide; For direct responses to electrical fires E.g. Server rooms or main switch boards
  5. Foam; To tackle combustible liquids E.g Fuel, but not electrical fires
  6. Water; For wood, paper, and plastic, but not electrical fires
  7. Wet chemical; If you work in a setting such as a restaurant or cafe, wet chemical extinguishers handle cooking oils and deep fat fyrer’s fires very well. However, they are limited in other environments.
  8. And more

In many cases, businesses need more than one type of extinguisher. To find out which type you should order, call us.

Perth residential fire extinguishers

Small fires in the home often occur due to minor incidents. For example, forgotten ovens, leaving electronic devices to charge for too long, and cigarettes. With all of the best intentions, you or your tenant(s) may cause a fire that leads to significant damage.

Our Perth fire extinguisher delivery service covers homes too. As a homeowner, you’ll only require a smaller extinguisher. However, that little device can mean the difference between a speedy response that leads to safety and a slow one that results in death.

If you would like to purchase a fire extinguisher in Perth, but you need more advice, call us.

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