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Fire Extinguishers Sydney

Fire Extinguishers in Sydney

Each year, fires throughout Australia lead to 100 deaths. In addition to loss of life, businesses collectively lose 1.3 of their GDP, making Australia’s ongoing fire risk problematic for an array of reasons. Fortunately, we sell and deliver a range of fire extinguishers in Sydney, allowing you to keep your home or business safe.

Fire extinguishers in Sydney for homeowners

Whether you’re renting your property or living in it yourself, owning a fire extinguisher comes with multiple benefits:

  • As a landlord, you meet your responsibilities regarding duty of care
  • If you’re a homeowner, you can worry less about fire risks
  • Depending on your insurance provider, you may attract lower rates

Most homeowners benefit from Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers, which work by depriving the fire of its main fuel: oxygen. Additionally, they don’t exacerbate certain fire types; such as electrical. In addition to fire extinguishers in Sydney, we produce blankets, which are ideal for cars as well as homes.

Fire extinguishers will help your Sydney business comply with the law

Australian Standards 1851 mean that Sydney businesses have a legal obligation to own fire extinguishers. Fortunately, we service businesses throughout Sydney, and we can deliver directly to your door.

As members of the Fire Protection Association of Australia, we understand that various organisations have differing needs. As such, we provide the following types of extinguishers:

  • Powder; Powder extinguishers are ideal for different types of metal fires, but won’t tackle cooking oils and fats.
  • Powder BE: While powder BE will handle cooking oil fires and some metal ones, they’re not suitable for wood, paper, or plastic.
  • Carbon dioxide: Carbon dioxide is ideal for smaller fires and won’t tackle flammable gases or cooking oils.
  • Wet chemical; If you work in a setting such as a restaurant or cafe, wet chemical extinguishers handle related fires very well. However, they are limited in other environments.
  • If your Sydney business caters to lots of needs, we’ll act as the professional consultants who point you in the direction of the right extinguisher. Just call our friendly team to get the ball rolling.

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