Fire Extinguishers in Brisbane

With around half of all fire-related incidents in Queensland occurring in Brisbane, it’s clear this is an area that needs addressing. Using our services, you can order the best fire extinguishers in Brisbane, whether you own a business or you’re trying to protect your home.

Making your Brisbane business safer with a fire extinguisher

To understand how a fire could affect your business, you need to learn about the fire triangle. In short, it includes:

  1. Oxygen; Which keeps the fire going
  2. Heat; Which helps the ignition temperature remain high
  3. Fuel; Which is the substance that initiates the fire

When you remove any of these materials, you tackle the fire. However, fires can arise from lots of sources:

  1. Paper, wood, and cardboard
  2. Specialist metals
  3. Cooking oils
  4. Combustible chemicals
  5. And more

Because of this, some fire extinguishers will tackle certain fires, while making others worse. In other words, in the absence of professional advice, you may order the wrong Brisbane fire extinguisher for your business.

Under AS 1851, you have a duty to keep employees and visitors safe. To make this easier for you, we’re available to provide advice on acquiring the right type of extinguisher, plus we’ll deliver it directly to your business.
Our Brisbane fire extinguisher deliver service includes the following extinguisher types:

  1. Fire hose reels; To tackle fires directly with water
  2. Fire blankets; For extinguishing human torches, pots and kitchen fires
  3. Powder ABE; Specialist fire extinguishers for wood, paper, plastics, electrical fires and some metal environments
  4. Carbon dioxide; For direct responses to electrical fires E.g. Server rooms or main switch boards
  5. Foam; To tackle combustible liquids E.g Fuel, but not electrical fires
  6. Water; For wood, paper, and plastic, but not electrical fires
  7. Wet chemical; If you work in a setting such as a restaurant or cafe, wet chemical extinguishers handle cooking oils and deep fat fyrer’s fires very well. However, they are limited in other environments.
  8. And more

Depending on the type of organisation you own, you may need more than one fire extinguisher. With a complete assessment, we’ll help you keep your premises safe.

Buying a fire extinguisher in Brisbane as a resident

If house fires worry you, we’re here to help you too. You can buy a fire extinguisher in Brisbane and keep your property safe. If you’re a landlord, you may need to purchase one under legal requirements to protect your tenants.

Whether you own a business or you want to prevent the minor mishaps that cause house fires, we’re here to help. Get in contact with us and we’ll arrange a fire extinguisher delivery that meets your needs.

Our shipping is always free and fast, we meet strict Australian standards, and we always adhere to the latest guidelines. Your safety is as important to us as it is to you.

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