Fire Extinguishers in Canberra

If you’re looking for fire extinguishers in Canberra, you’re in the right place. From those that deal with metal fires to extinguishers that are ideal for restaurant environments, we serve businesses and homeowners alike. In addition to providing advice, we deliver throughout Canberra and surrounding areas.

Choosing a fire extinguisher for your Canberra business

When choosing a fire extinguisher in Canberra, you have to take the three factors that contribute to the triangle of fire into consideration. In short, they include:

  1. Oxygen; All self-sustaining fires require oxygen to keep them going. Our Canberra fire extinguishers remove the oxygen element, but tackle fuels in different ways.
  2. Fuel; Providing there’s a fuel to burn, your fire will continue. We provide five different types of fire extinguisher, each of which tackles different types of fuel.
  3. Heat; As you may have guessed, without heat a fire cannot continue burning. Removing heat from a fire is a chemical-based procedure. For example, a water-based extinguisher may make the heat of an electronic fire worse.

Bearing the above in mind, we will help you choose your fire extinguisher based on the risk factors present at your property or business. Removing any one element of the triangle will stop the fire, making your property safe if the worst happens.

Canberra extinguishers sells the below equipment to make your life easier

  1. Fire hose reels; To tackle fires directly with water
  2. Fire blankets; For extinguishing human torches, pots and kitchen fires
  3. Powder ABE; Specialist fire extinguishers for wood, paper, plastics, electrical fires and some metal environments
  4. Carbon dioxide; For direct responses to electrical fires E.g. Server rooms or main switch boards
  5. Foam; To tackle combustible liquids E.g Fuel, but not electrical fires
  6. Water; For wood, paper, and plastic, but not electrical fires
  7. Wet chemical; If you work in a setting such as a restaurant or cafe, wet chemical extinguishers handle cooking oils and deep fat fyrer’s fires very well. However, they are limited in other environments.
  8. And more

Why buy a fire extinguisher in Canberra at all?

If you own an Australian business, a regulation called AS 1851 means you have a legal duty to purchase the right type of fire extinguisher for your business. You must do this to keep your employees and any visitors to your premises safe.

In addition to helping you find the right extinguisher, we’ll deliver it rapidly. Additionally, each of our fire extinguishers meets stringent Australian legal requirements. You’ll receive your delivery knowing you’re not breaching AS 1851.

As well as helping Canberra businesses, we assist homeowners. Owning a smaller fire extinguisher doesn’t just provide peace of mind; it could lower your insurance costs.

To start the purchasing process, you need an understanding of the fuels present in your environment. From there, we can help you select an extinguisher. We also strive to keep our prices low, without compromising your safety.
To learn more, get in touch with us.

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