How much is shipping?

Shipping depends on where you live and what you are ordering. Capital cities see our flat rate of $18.95 and orders over $300 receive free shipping. Regional area’s are based on postcode which you will find upon checkout.

Usually around $39.95

Do you ship to regional areas?

We ship Australia wide, however most regional areas attract higher shipping costs. If you live in a regional area simply put in your details including address/postcode and our checkout will calculate your shipping automatically. You can always contact us directly and we will give you a customised shipping quote.

I am getting "There are no shipping methods available" at the cart or checkout.

If you receive the message “There are no shipping methods available.” at the cart or checkout page it means you live in an area that incurs higher than average shipping costs. We quote shipping costs for these areas over the phone. Please contact us if you would like a shipping cost estimate or to place an order to one of these areas.

Can I return the equipment is not satisfied?

Yes of course. You will just need to pay the return freight charges for the items you ordered. Extinguishers.com.au has not had one returned item in 12 years of business.

I am unsure of which extinguisher I need

You can refer to the extinguisher guide for more details. If your still unsure you can always email us on adrian@sydneyextinguishers.com.au OR call on 0402 560 232. Our staff are more than happy to help with your decision making to ensure you buy the right product.

Do the extinguishers come with a warranty?

Yes all our extinguishers come with a 5 year warranty. Extinguishers should be tagged and tested every 6 months by your maintenance provider. If extinguishers are tampered with or used then warranty is void.

Does Extinguishers.com.au refill and pressure test fire extinguishers?

No unfortunately we do not. We only sell new fire extinguisher all around Australia. However we do have a small team in Sydney that can help you out with six (6) monthly testing and tagging + certification. Email us for more details adrian@sydneyextinguishers.com.au

Can we come and pick the extinguishers up?

In the short answer no, we are strictly an online service. We can have items delivered anywhere in Australia – even to your house.

Are your extinguishers the ones in the pictures?

Yes they are, don’t be fooled by other sites advertising better quality looking extinguishers and when you get your order they are completely different or you have to assemble then yourself.

How many extinguishers do I need at my premises?

As a general rule you shouldn’t walk more than 20m in any direction without hitting an extinguishers. You also shouldn’t have to walk up or down stairs, or through self closing doors to get to an extinguisher. Extinguishers should “NOT” be installed closer than 2m to main switch boards.

What heights do the extinguishers get installed?

As a general rule the extinguisher bracket (which comes FREE with the extinguisher) gets installed around hip height (1.2m). The pictorial location (rectangle) sign get installed directly above the extinguisher around 2.2m or inline with the door frame height. The square Identification disc (ID) gets installed directly above the extinguisher bracket and below the pictorial sign.

Are the extinguishers in date?

Of course they are, don’t be fooled by your maintenance provider that online stores sell out of date extinguishers. All our extinguishers are brand new, in date and tagged.

Are the extinguishers new?

Yes of course. All of our fire extinguishers are brand new, straight out of the box with a 5 year life span. Don’t be fooled by your maintenance contractor saying our products are out of date.

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