Fire Extinguishers in Melbourne

According to the MFB, fires due to small mistakes are on the rise in Melbourne. From overcharged laptops through to leaving clothes on a heater, each incident applies to residential properties. However, depending on your business, they could affect you as a company owner too. Because of this, we strive to deliver fire extinguishers in Melbourne to business owners and residents alike.

Fire extinguishers in Melbourne for businesses

No matter how big your organisation is, you have a duty of care to protect those working for you. Similarly, if the public or visitors enter your premises, you must protect them too.

Our fire extinguisher delivery service in Melbourne operates throughout the city and in surrounding areas, which means you have no excuse for not meeting your legal duties. To ensure we cover each of your operational needs, we provide:

  1. Fire hose reels; To tackle fires directly with water
  2. Fire blankets; For extinguishing human torches, pots and kitchen fires
  3. Powder ABE; Specialist fire extinguishers for wood, paper, plastics, electrical fires and some metal environments
  4. Carbon dioxide; For direct responses to electrical fires E.g. Server rooms or main switch boards
  5. Foam; To tackle combustible liquids E.g Fuel, but not electrical fires
  6. Water; For wood, paper, and plastic, but not electrical fires
  7. Wet chemical; If you work in a setting such as a restaurant or cafe, wet chemical extinguishers handle cooking oils and deep fat fyrer’s fires very well. However, they are limited in other environments.
  8. And more

As you can see, the nature of fire extinguishers is complex. Fortunately, we’re here to advise Melbourne business owners. Get in touch with us and we’ll soon deliver the most suitable extinguisher for your company, helping you comply with AS 1851.

Melbourne residential fire extinguishers

Would you like to add a fire extinguisher to your home? Seeing as preventable incidents are on the rise, doing so is sensible. Our delivery service is rapid, and it will allow you to protect your family from potentially lethal situations.

While you won’t have the same access to fire extinguishers as a business owner, we can provide suitable suggestions. Just call us for advice.

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