9L F-500 Extinguisher



9L F-500 Extinguisher


9L F-500 Extinguisher
Part Number: FB9LF-500

-F-500 is a multiple-purpose firefighting agent which is ideal for Class A, B and F fire.
-It is the only agent proven to extinguish lithium-ion batteries, without reignition.
-It is completely fluorine-free, contains no PFOA, PFOS or any fluorine ingredients.
-It is non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and fully biodegradable.
This is a water type fire extinguisher with the F-500 Encapsulator Agent. This extinguisher has been manufactured and tested to
Australian Standard AS/NZS 1841.2 and tested as per the requirement of AS1850 for Class A and Class B fires. Extensive testing
has been performed, and this encapsulator agent, performs exceptionally well against lithium-Ion Battery Fires.
We encourage you to discuss your individual fire needs with your Fire Service provider to ensure that you are covered for all Fire
risks. The 4L Extinguisher has been tested to a Li-ion battery fire with 1.8kWh battery capacity. This extinguisher is not to be
used on AC Power (100V AC or higher) electrical fires.
Size: 9L
Rating: 3A:10B

Standards Approval: AS/NZS 1841.4
BSI Benchmark No. BMP520105
ActivFire Certificate No: AFP-2353
Extinguisher Dimensions:
-Height: 638mm
-Width: 180mm

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