6m x 8m Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket to 1700°C


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Introducing our 6m x 8m Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket, built to withstand temperatures up to a scorching 1700°C. Model Number: EV60X80. Crafted from high-temperature silica fabric with a double-sided silicone coating, this blanket ensures superior protection against vehicle fires, lithium-ion battery fires, and more. Its waterproof and wear-resistant design, coupled with electrical insulation properties, guarantees reliability in diverse environments, from service stations to airports.
Product Specifications

  • Model Number: EV60X80
  • Size: 6m x 8m
  • Temperature Resistance: 1100 °C,
  • Spike: 1700°C
  • Material: High-temperature silica fabric with double-sided silicone coating
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Electrical Insulation: Yes
  • Wear-Resistant: Yes
  • Thickness:0.70mm
  • Weight: 800g/m2
  • Applications: Vehicle Fires, Lithium-ion battery fires, Forklifts, Service stations, Charging stations, Towing service, Airport
  • Weatherproof backpack or cabinet
  • Warranty: 12 months

Verification to: EN13501-1:2018

Test to: EN ISO 1182: 2020, EN 13823: 2020 + A1: 2022


With a thickness of 0.70mm and a weight of 800g/m², this blanket offers robust yet lightweight coverage. Its applications extend beyond vehicle emergencies to encompass forklifts, charging stations, and towing services. Store it in a weatherproof backpack or cabinet for easy access during critical situations. Backed by a 12-month warranty and verification to EN13501-1:2018 standards, rest assured of its quality and performance in safeguarding lives and property.

Ensure your preparedness against the unexpected with our 6m x 8m Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket. Tested to EN ISO 1182:2020 and EN 13823:2020 + A1:2022, it meets stringent safety standards, providing you with confidence in its effectiveness. Whether for personal or commercial use, this blanket offers a reliable defense against the destructive forces of fire, making it an essential addition to your emergency preparedness kit.

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