Type AFFF Foam 45Ltr Wheeled Tagged Fire Extinguisher


Original price was: $1,995.95.Current price is: $1,849.95.

This large (CLASS B) AFFF foam mobile fire extinguisher is recommended for airports or large factories that use and store combustible liquids.


This 45ltr (AFFF) Foam mobile fire extinguishers has the following specifications;

Total Height – 1120mm in height

Distance between wheels – 430mm

Cylinder distance – 300mm

Minimum Wall thickness – >2.3mm

Cylinder Height – 900mm

Length of Hose & Horn Assembly – >4m

Nozzle Style – Aluminium gun with ball valve

Inner Diameter of nozzle – 12mm

Discharge time – >50 seconds

Discharge distance – >6m

Total wight – 85 kgs Approx

Additional Information
Cylinder Height


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